South African Milk Tart

Okay, so technically this milk tart is a pie and was ALMOST a baking fail, but I saved it!

My Reddit bake challenge was South Africa, hence this South African Milk Tart. It has a sweet shortcrust pastry and a vanilla custard-type filling, finished with a liberal dash of cinnamon.

The recipe went swimmingly at first – nicely thickened custard and beautiful crust. I popped it into the fridge to firm up.

Next morning I lift off the parchment to see LIQUID SOUP. No firming whatsoever overnight.

I had the thought of just pitching it, but decided to scrape it out of the pastry and re-cook the filling on the stove. Another 1/2 tbsp of cornstarch dissolved in water and then added to the boiling custard totally worked!

I took it out of the fridge next day and it was nice and firm. I was able to cut it cleanly, and I’m so glad I didn’t just bag the whole thing and throw it out 🙂

Final verdict – this was a tasty bake. The filling was creamy, cold, and definitely full of vanilla flavor. The heavy dose of cinnamon put this over the top, though. I absolutely wouldn’t leave that out! The shortcrust pastry added a great crunchy texture to an otherwise very smooth pie.

Hopefully the filling will set up for you the first time! I’m going to assume I didn’t cook it long enough the first time, which is why I was able to salvage it the next day.

Original recipe here.




Homemade Bear Claws

I really LOVE pastries. Given the choice between donuts or a chocolate-filled croissant, I will go croissant every time or in this case BEAR CLAWS!

If you haven’t had one of these before, think delicious yeast pastry with almond paste/cinnamon filling and almond slices for the “toes.” A honey glaze completes the package! Panera Bread sells these, BTW, if you want to try before you bake 😉

These were supposed to be 2-day process, but reality was more like this: make the dough on day 1, forget about it in the fridge for several more days, then fill and bake around day 4. It still turned out tasty!

My bake challenge this week was brunch, and shockingly enough, my mind immediately goes to sweets and pastries for brunch.

This recipe is a keeper and would really be perfect for brunch get-together. They are a bit time consuming, but not difficult. The recipe also made roughly a DOZEN bear claws….please come and help me eat them!!

Homemade almond paste recipe is here.

Original bear claw recipe is here.