Halloween Mini Ombre Cake

Have you noticed ombre stuff lately? It’s on T-shirts, in people’s hair, and baked goods. Ombre cake + the upcoming holiday = Halloween Mini Ombre Cakes!

A recipe I posted recently (Raspberry Mousse Cake) had a lovely white cake for layers. That is the base here, as it was easy to color varying shades. I think in the future I’d go even more heavy-handed on the coloring to get a more pronounced contrast. Continue reading “Halloween Mini Ombre Cake”

Apricot Baklava With Orange-Cardamom Syrup

This was my 2nd attempt at baklava and MUCH IMPROVED! Yay for progress 🙂

I have this hangup where I really like to bake a certain way, i.e. nothing premade in it at all. So last year when one of my Reddit bake challenges called for something Middle Eastern, I made chocolate cherry baklava.

Baklava itself isn’t so difficult – its really just layering things, baking, and pouring a syrup over top. Where I made my life much more difficult was attempting to make the phyllo dough myself. You have to get the dough this thin, like be able to read a newspaper through it kinda thin.

Needless to say, the phyllo was not nearly as thin or crisp as it was supposed to be. I found this out the hard way by hitting up a bakery shortly thereafter and trying their baklava…there was no comparison and it was obvious I had officially botched my own bake.

This time around was much better! I sucked it up and bought frozen phyllo sheets from my local grocery store. The result gave me crispy, flaky layers, filled with chopped apricots and 3 kinds of nuts. The original recipe called for pistachios, but I just used what I had on hand and it turned out great – almonds, walnuts, and roasted pecans.

Many baklava recipes incorporate honey into the syrup on top, which makes for a delicious but very sweet dessert. This batch has a sugar and orange juice syrup, along with some cardamom mixed in, so not quite as sweet.

All in all I would definitely make this again, and probably try some different chopped fruits.

BTW – I have found store-bought cardamom to be crazy expensive. I got a small little box that is affordable and has lasted me forever here. I keep it in a little baggie in my pantry.

Original baklava recipe here.


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