Homemade Rainbow Layer Cake

This from-scratch rainbow layer cake is probably the most cheerful thing I’ve ever made. I kinda wish I had showed up at a party with my plain-looking white layer cake and sat quietly in anticipation while it was sliced open to much fanfare! Alas – my husband cut the first slice for the photo 🙁

This was a FUN bake! I don’t particularly have any love affair with vanilla things, but let’s be honest – the primary reason to bake this is how it looks 😉

That being said, this was actually pretty tasty. The icing is cream cheese buttercream, which I think really keeps it from being TOO sweet, although this still isn’t for the faint of heart. There is icing between all six layers, so plan on a mouthful of sweet stuff if you are going to invest the time to bake this.

I also don’t have 6 pans lying around my house and bought some disposable aluminum ones. Yay for not washing and drying the same 2 pans repeatedly!

BTW, you will need gel colors to get the flashy colors here, not the liquid kind. I’ve used Wilton gel colors before, but if you are tired of scooping color out of little buckets with a toothpick, try these gel colors (affiliate link) – these squeeze out of little dropper bottles instead. I LOVE these! I was able to count 3 drops per bottle to get the same intensity of color for all 6 layers.

Find out how to make this rainbow layer cake HERE!