Strawberry Cream Cheese Cobbler

strawberry cream cheese cobbler

Are you a cobbler fan? I LOVE me some peach cobbler! Strawberry cream cheese is a new version for me, though.

Bake challenge was crisps/cobblers this week, so I choose this unusual combo. Cream cheese + strawberry are a delicious pair 🙂

This was a really tasty bake, although I’m planning on altering it a bit next time. It needed more strawberries! Cobbler needs to have a TON of fruit to match the amount of breading, and there just weren’t enough strawberries.

The original recipe used small blocks of cream cheese dropped on top of the batter, but in the future I would mix a tiny bit of sugar and vanilla into the cream cheese first before dropping.

The batter after baking is PERFECT. Just a touch of saltiness and soft texture, but crisp on the edges.

Enjoy! Original recipe here.


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