Russian Braided Pesto Bread

russian braided pesto bread

I have no idea if this is actually an authentic Russian recipe, but it was DIVINE!

This bake covered a savory theme of my bake challenge and is simply a braided yeast bread, smeared with pesto.

The bread is deceptively basic, but brought to a new level with pesto. If you aren’t a pesto fan, I would avoid this recipe altogether 😉 Your breath will be awful for a while after eating this!

Pesto is straight from a jar, and the toughest part of this bake was rolling it tightly. Bread is shaped into a rectangle and then covered in a thin layer of pesto. The filling is slippery on that bread, but some mistakes are hidden when you coil the bread up like a snail.

We I ate almost all of this, and it lasted a good 3 days at room temp. The preferred method of eating is to tear off a hunk, warm it in the toaster oven, and finally dip in a quality olive oil. YUM!

Original recipe here.

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