Mango Charlotte Russe

mango charlotte russe

Have you ever seen a Charlotte Russe before? I saw it once on the Great British Bake Show (best baking show in the world, BTW). It’s mainly ladyfingers with mousse or something else creamy, plus gelatin layered inside sponge cake. I’m pretty sure this Mango Charlotte Russe isn’t authentic, but oh well!

This bake has multiple steps. The ladyfinger recipe is here. The mousse recipe is here. The sponge cake recipe is here, and the mango gelatin is out of a box 😉

If I made this cake again, I would use a different fruit or a stronger flavor to balance the relatively bland sponge. Perhaps that explains the prevalence of raspberry Charlotte Russe on the net? The bake also needed twice as much mousse inside.

So all in all not a fail, but not quite a fabulous success, either. Next time, perhaps 🙂


Author: Tiffany

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