Homemade Fortune Cookies

homemade fortune cookies

Happy Chinese New Year! Week 4 Reddit baking challenge – https://www.reddit.com/r/52weeksofbaking/ – was something Chinese New Year related. Surely fortune cookies are authentic, right?!

I really can’t speak to their authenticity, but they are a part of the American Chinese food tradition, so I’ll just go with it 😉

These cookies fall into the category of *why bother* because they are so cheap to buy. My reason is simple – Because I can! I get a kick out of attempting something so commonplace (like these!). The effort put into these cookies used to be a requirement, and now they are so prevalent that we just pitch what we don’t eat into the trash. I appreciate these little guys now 🙂

The recipe below in the link is spot on in taste, but not texture. These aren’t as crisp as a packaged one, but the flavor is there! Also prepare to burn a few fingers, as you have to work quickly molding your cookies by hand into the required shape. Parchment paper is your friend, as chiseling hot cookie batter off your pan is the opposite of fun…not that I know from experience 😉 Your first few will be duds, but keep at it and you’ll improve!

Official link to recipe – http://allrecipes.com/recipe/9684/fortune-cookies-i/ – Thank you random Allrecipes stranger for helping me bake homemade fortune cookies! BTW – I altered the batter and included 2 tablespoons of water, as per some of the reviews. The original batter is extremely thick.


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