Hazelnut Dacquoise with Chocolate Mousse

hazelnut dacquoise with chocolate mousse

My bake challenge from WEEKS AGO (that’s how behind I am!) was Bastille Day. I know very little nothing about this holiday other than it is French, which brings me to this extremely rich hazelnut dacquoise with chocolate mousse!


A dacquoise sounds really fancy, doesn’t it? Pronounced like “day-kwaz,” it’s French, apparently meaning “of Dax,” a French town. I printed out a recipe from Fine Cooking and about choked on my coffee when SIX PAGES spit out of my printer. Then began my foot-dragging on baking said daquoise; I knew it would be a production to make.

Several steps were involved in this bake: go to the Wegmans 20 minutes away to get the only hazelnuts nearby, toast them, grind them, make a meringue, add nuts, and bake for over an hour. After they are cool, whip up some mousse and let it chill for several hours.

The second to last step was to candy the hazelnuts, and I was just frankly done at this point, so placed the hazelnuts on top minus that step 😉

The last step is to assemble the layers and keep cold in the fridge. This was an unusual cake and yet so, so tasty. The mousse is extremely rich with a generous amount of bittersweet chocolate. The combination of the smooth and silky mousse with the crunch of the meringue layers is just awesome together. Nutella fans would like this bake, or Ferraro Rocher candy lovers 🙂

Original recipe here.






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