Halloween Mini Ombre Cake

halloween mini ombre cake

Have you noticed ombre stuff lately? It’s on T-shirts, in people’s hair, and baked goods. Ombre cake + the upcoming holiday = Halloween Mini Ombre Cakes!

A recipe I posted recently (Raspberry Mousse Cake) had a lovely white cake for layers. That is the base here, as it was easy to color varying shades. I think in the future I’d go even more heavy-handed on the coloring to get a more pronounced contrast.

Between the white cake layers is a very simple orange buttercream. I like a ratio of 1 part butter and 3 times as much powdered sugar, plus a pinch of salt and whatever flavorings. This batch is flavored with orange oil to match the orange cake theme.

The finishing touch is melted semi-sweet chocolate piped into Halloween designs. This was so.flipping.frustrating. Melt the chocolate, pipe into shapes, place in fridge to harden, and immediately break them while peeling off the parchment or the heat from your hand melts them right away. I remembered why I much prefer the baking part instead of decorating 😉

This bake was for my Reddit bake challenge.


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