Dark Chocolate and Strawberry Granola Bars

dark chocolate strawberry granola bars

My Reddit bake challenge this week was bars or squares, so I made some homemade granola bars. The dark chocolate and freeze-dried strawberries made for a wonderfully tart/sweet combination!

crunchy or chewy??

I think granola bar people fall into 2 camps – crunchy or chewy. These seem to be both! They are nice and chewy, but be prepared to eat them over a plate or constantly pick up sugary crumbs off the floor and eat them throw them away.

In the future I need to find a way to get these to stay together in one piece. The instructions state to press on them hard for at least a minute, which I did, but they still don’t want to hold a bar shape for very long, particularly when left out of the fridge. Maybe I’ll try wrapping them in wax paper tightly and individually?

This is a very easy recipe, BTW. The only baking required is toasting the oats with the nuts; the rest of the work is a few minutes melting on the stovetop, followed by waiting for set-up in the fridge.

You could go so many directions with these too: coconut, other types of nuts, milk chocolate, any type of dried fruit, etc. This recipe is perfect for using up little partial bags of chocolate/fruit/nuts left in your pantry from some other bake.

Official link to recipe is here.

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