Braided Lemon Bread

braided lemon bread, lemon curd

I’m on a lemon kick lately: Lemon macarons, lemon sugar cookies, and in the near future, a lemon cheesecake. I even bought 5 pounds of fresh lemons last time I went to Costco. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM? Maybe it’s the weather. Spring is ACTUALLY here and now I want bright, sunny citrus in my desserts. This braided lemon bread fits the bill!

The filling of this gorgeous bake is a light layer of cream cheese and homemade lemon curd. Feel free to just make the curd and eat it by itself, but it’s particularly yummy inside a loaf of bread 😉

My last attempt at braiding bread wasn’t nearly as successful, so now I think I just needed to practice the braid technique. Egg wash on top gives you the nice browning, plus the sparkling sugar gives a really pretty final touch. (BTW, sparkling sugar is awesome on top of scones, gives a fabulous crunch to sugar cookies, and adds an extra *something* to a lattice pie crust. You can buy a big ole’ bag here and it’ll last forever).

If you are tired of chocolate (!!) or just want something a little lighter, a little spring-related, you can’t go wrong with this bake. Recipe is from King Arthur Flour and can be found here, and lemon curd is a Chowhound recipe and found here.


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