Baking Fail – Brazilian Carrot Cupcakes

brazilian carrot cupcakes

I suppose these weren’t terrible cupcakes, but none of us were really a fan. My bake challenge was a very difficult Brazil this week, hence the Brazilian carrot cupcakes.

I had high hopes for these! Original recipe stated self-rising flour, which I completely ignored. It did have baking powder in them, but not enough apparently to get a good rise. The glaze also never set up for some reason. Glaze was still tasty, BTW, just drippy!

There’s one thing I did enjoy about cupcakes – the carrots are pureed. If you aren’t an enormous carrot cake fan because of the texture, see if you can find a recipe with pureed carrots. Carrot flavor and beautiful orange color minus the shreds 😉

Maybe you’ll have better luck then myself! Original recipe here.


Author: Tiffany

Wife, mother, amateur baker.

2 thoughts on “Baking Fail – Brazilian Carrot Cupcakes”

  1. I love that you don’t always have success even with all your skills. Of course I have a much higher percentage of fails because I don’t have the fabulous successes to balance them. Great idea to use the carrot puree!

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